Saturday, October 6, 2012

Just a quick Honeycrisp update:

If you are hoping for Honeycrisp to pick, there is some out there but they are getting fewer and fewer.  I would guess that after this weekend that they will be completely gone.

But there are a ton of other apples ready right now.  This time of the season has the most apples ready at one time!  Check the previous post for a list of what is ready.


Shannon said...

Just wanted to tell you that my boys and I had so much fun picking at your farm today! They were so excited to ride the gator with Mr. Beilke. What a fun memory for them! They also had a great time picking apples, especially since they got to choose their favorite kind. Thank you for all that you do - we love your farm and will definitely be back!

Beilke Family Farm said...

You are so welcome! The gator rides are always so fun for the kids. Thanks for coming out and having fun!