Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby Silas has arrived!

Yes this is our U-pick apple blog but we couldn't resist sharing the news!

Our little guy, Silas is here!  He came early on Aug 25th...happy and healthy. 
Just thought I would share our good news and a picture or two!

But also starting tomorrow we are open for Red Gravenstein!  They make great pies.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Red Gravenstein are ready to pick on Wednesday (Aug 31st)

The Red Gravenstein are ready to pick on Wednesday! 

Still $8 per bucket....about 22 lbs in a bucket.  We have buckets to pick into, just bring boxes or bags to bring your apples home!

Hours 8am-8pm 7 days a week.

We are hoping to get the Gravenstein row marked better for you so you can find it.  It is on the south end of the orchard.  One half of the row is Red Delicious and if you keep walking south, you will see the trees get a bit bigger and those are the Gravenstein.  You will see apples on the ground below the trees.

Hope that helps!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Working away....

Sorry for the blog hiatus.  I was having problems with it but with help, it now works!!  Thank you to my brother!

Update on Apples:  Apples are not yet ready but getting closer.  Tried a Gravenstein yesterday and they are still a little too firm and tart.  Those will be the first to be ready so I am thinking another week or two.  I will post when they are ready.  The next apples after that will be Honeycrisp and Gala.

I will be doing a better job updating the blog, especially since it is apple season.  Although I am due to have a baby Sept 2nd so I'll have to con it off onto someone else for awhile :)  My hope is that we will be updating every Thursday or Friday so you will know what is going on before the weekend.  If apples come ready during the week, we will also update then.

Other than that, we are more than halfway finished with blueberry harvest.  Our beans are getting picked today and we finished wheat and grass seed harvest last week.  We still have some vegetable and flower seed fields to harvest later in the season, and also corn.
So we are keeping busy but not out of control :)

Young blueberry field.