Monday, March 12, 2012


We decided to chop up the Cameo variety of apples and instead make the trees produce Honeycrisp apples!  We took shoots from the Honeycrisp trees and grafted them into the trunk of the old Cameo trees. 

Here is the grafts up close.  Then we painted on some grafting wax to keep away water and air.  Now we wait for some activity!
 We also did the same thing to some old Red Delicious tree.  If the grafts take, then we will have 4 additional Jonathon trees!
This is Terry standing in the field where we grew the flower seed.  All the red are tiny flower seeds sprouting.  It is all from back in the late summer when we cut the flowers and laid them into rows(called swathing). The flower seed shattered.  It shows how much seed you can lose when you are harvesting!

This is a wheat field.  The picture above is where the geese didn't feed.  They must have been scared of the wheel line!

This picture is where they DID feed.  Can you see the difference??