Friday, October 12, 2012

Braeburn and Fuji are ready!

Braeburn and Fuji are ready now!  
These both are a favorite of many and are great all-around apples!  They also both store well if kept refrigerated.
Braeburn is a firm apple that is great for eating out of hand (very crisp), and great for pies and baking.  They are also good for applesauce and salads.

Fuji (below) is great for eating and applesauce.  Also good for pies, baking, etc.  A very sweet apple.

 Other apples:  Lots of Jonagold and Golden Delicious still available.  
Some Ruby Jon and Melrose left....just walk to the south 1/4 of the row and there is lots down there.
Honeycrisp, Red Delicious and Gala are now done.

We also have some butternut squash for sale.  Just picked.  $4.00 each. (Ripe to eat now)

 And some Sweet Meat Squash!  ($4.00 each) Yum!  (Let sit for a month, then eat it....that means Thanksgiving!!!)

We also have some medium pumpkins for sale.  A steal of a deal at $3.00 each!

So I have been meaning to tell you all about this:  An apple peeler/corer.  This is a staple in my  house.  It makes preparing apples very easy.  I grew up with my mom having one so when I started my own household, I had to get one.  I found mine off the internet.  I had previously bought one with a suction cup on the bottom and didn't like it at all.  I recommend the clamp kind if you have a spot to put it.

 Then you pull off the apple and the core separates from it.

Anyone else doing any canning?

 And a few pictures of some apple orchard fun!


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