Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jonagold, Red Delicious, Ruby Jon and Golden Delicious.

All the Jonagolds are open to pick now. 

 Jonagold, in my opinion, is our best all-around apple.  It is a really good eating apple, plus it makes great applesauce and pies.  If you want just one apple that does everything, then get this one!

 Jonagold apple

Some Jonagolds on the bigger trees aren't as red but they are just as sweet.  And even larger than these red ones!  We have Jonagold in 3 different places.

 Lots of Jonagold waiting to be picked!

Ruby Jon are ready too.
They are a variety of Jonathon apple.  Beautiful red apple with a little more tart than sweet flavor.  They are great for applesauce.  A little better for baking than eating.

Red Delicious are ready.  
We have half a row of these on young trees, plus many trees in the older section of the orchard.  The older section of the orchard is the south end where the trees are really big.

Red Delicious are a old classic, eating apple.  You probably had one of these as a kid at school.  Not the best for baking.

Golden Delicious are almost ready.  
You are welcome to pick them now and they are fine.  I think in a week they will be even sweeter.

Golden Delicous are best used for eating and pies.  It holds it shape well when cooked.

We also have plenty Anjou pears available.  Pre-picked.  You will see them when you drive in.

In a week or so, the next apple that looks to be ready is the Melrose.  Will give you more details about them when they are ripe!

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