Friday, October 29, 2010

What we have been up to this summer....

This is just a collage of all we have been up to this summer. All the crops are harvested now besides apples so "winter" has officially began.

In the winter, we make a winter list of everything we need to repair or improve on our equipment. We do a lot of work in the shop, go to many classes to update our spray license, or just education classes in general. I also try to do one big organization/clean up project on the farm in a certain area. With having a farm that does so many different things, we have a lot of stuff sitting around.

So anyway, enjoy the pictures!

We don't raise cauliflower but I thought the plants looked cool, so I thought I would share.

Corn Picker

Spinach Seed field dried, ready to harvest.

Wheat harvest

Spinach Seed field

Below is a cabbage seed field....Bok Choy actually. Before the seeds set, it was a beautiful bright yellow all across the field.

Corn Sprout Germinating

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Update, Monday Oct 25th: Gold Rush and Rome are now ready!

For those of you who are diehards, there are still plenty of apples out there. It may be rainy and a bit windy but isn't that the fun of picking apples!? Then you get to take them to your warm house and have the whole house smell like apples and cinnamon!

So here is what is going on out in the orchard:

If you're looking for golden delicious, there are lots on the older trees behind the shop. The apples trees are not organized in the older trees but it can be kind of fun because everything in that section is ready now. It's an easy way to get a good mixture of apples without a lot of effort.

Granny Smith are just now ready this last week so there is lots to choose from and they are looking very nice.

Gold Rush are just now ready. They are a smaller size apple that stores well, and I'm told if you cut into them they resist browning. They are similar looking to a Golden Delicious but a bit smaller.

Braeburns are looking good. Plenty out there. There is one new baby row that has lots and the rest are in the southwest corner of the orchard. You will see them right by the road when you drive in.

Still some Fujis out there. Driving through the older part of the orchard, I discovered a beautiful Fuji tree....ask me if you want those and I'll take you there! There are still some Fujis on the long rows too. Just be willing to walk down aways.

Still some Honeycrisp and Red Delicious out there.

Still lots of Jonagold too!

Rome are ready now too. Good for cooking. A beautiful bright red apple.

Melrose are practically almost gone but there are a few.

Most all apple rows are now getting to the point where you have to walk at least halfway down.

See you in the rain!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

She is an "official" farmer now!

Becky has been working here during apple season for the last 3 years. I'm sure you've met her if you've been her lately.

She officially graduated to "farmer status" yesterday. She now owns 2 of her very own farmer hats! I have included one of the pictures of her with her new hat! Free advertising for Wilco :) ha! She also has a bright green John Deere hat. Very exciting day for her. You guys will have to give her a hard time. I am sure I am embarrassing her right now but that is the best part! Love you Becky!

We also had 6-8th graders come out from a school in Tigard a few weeks ago. Took them on the apple orchard tour and made apple cidar.

And we had the 3rd graders from Brooks School. They all happily got their apples!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cameos, Granny Smith and Braeburn are ready

Cameos, Granny Smith, Braeburn are ready now!

Here is what said about Cameos:

"It used to be that red apples were all the rage. In fact, growers actually got paid for color — the redder they could make the apple, the more money they made.

Trouble was, getting apples red resulted in thick, tough skin and soft, mealy flesh. People that love apples for their taste and crunch were not happy with the poor quality. And they said so loud and clear, by simply not buying red apples.

Cameo growers got the message loud and clear. So, instead of growing for color, they grew an apple specifically for taste and crunch. By toning down the red, they were able to keep the skin very thin, the flavor sweet yet tart, and the flesh very crunchy."

There is also a friendly disagreement between us if the Braeburns are ready. :) One says yes, and one says no. So I will go try them out again and report back!
Ok 15 minutes later....the verdict...The Braeburns are still pretty firm but have a good flavor underneath. I think if you were eating it by the slice they would be very tasty but biting into them I'd wait another week. So that's the best I can tell you :) It is especially a good time to pick them if you are planning on storing them though.

Gold Rush are getting close but not quite ready.

Pink Lady aren't ready yet either. They are always the last apple to be ready.

Going to be a nice week to come pick!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ruby Jons

Ruby Jons have all been picked.

Red Delicious are ready now also. These ones actually have a crunch to them unlike the ones you buy at the store!

Apples coming up next are: Cameo, Rome, Braeburn, Granny Smith.

And don't forget about drying some apples to eat all year round!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Apple Ready!

Fujis are ready! (Editing this: Fujis are ready if you are picking them to keep for quite awhile. If you want to eat them right this minute, I would wait a bit longer.)

I have never been that impressed with Fujis because they have such a unexciting outside...not real colorful. But I just took a bite of one for the first time in a long time and I was very surprised. They are GOOD! So I guess I learned, don't judge an apple by the outside!

Drove around the orchard this morning checking out all the apples. Just a hint...the farther you walk, the better apples you will find! Some rows from the beginning look like there is nothing left, but once you get down to the last 1/4 of the row, there are lots.

See you soon.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Not much new to post.

Still lots of apples left.

Available to pick:

More Golden Delicious
Ruby Jon

Beautiful weather!!