Friday, October 10, 2014

Gold Rush and Granny Smith are Ready!

Gold Rush have a kick of flavor...tart with a hint of sweetness.
They are a good apple for many things.  Eating, Cooking, Salads, Juice and Hard Cider.  Nice size this year too!  Another great thing about these apples is they resist browning after cutting them!

Good Keepers too!

Gold Rush

gold rush

Granny Smith are a tart apple that is good for eating and great for baking/cooking.
I personally think they are great for dipping in caramel because of the contrast of tart and sweet!
If you are making apple cider, throw one or two of these in with the other apples to give the cider a little punch.

Other Apple Update:

We have TONS apples still but many rows you need to walk down halfway or even 3/4 to find where others haven't picked yet.  Don't give up if the row looks like there is nothing there.  If it has a PICK HERE sign, then there are definitely apples left.
We placed some orange cones down the rows to show you where the best picking spot starts.  So just head to the cones!

Jonagold:  The BIG jonagold on the north side have about 1/4 of the row left on each of the 4 rows.  The jonagolds on the south side by the railroad tracks have lots and lots left.

Ruby Jon and Melrose:  1/3 of the row left to pick.

Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Braeburn:  Lots and Lots

Fuji:  1/2 of one row left, and 1/4 of the other 2.  If these rows run out and you still want some, please ask because we have several loaded trees in the older section of the orchard we can take you too.

Rome: 1/3 of each of the 2 rows left.

Here is what we have been busy with!  Applesauce coming out our ears :)


More apples finding a new home.

So sweet to see the kids just enjoying their apples!

row of jonagold and gator
Morning duty of checking out the apple rows.  Seeing what is out there!

Pink Lady are the last apple that is coming up!  Usually ready by the end of October.  Will keep you posted on it.

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