Monday, September 15, 2014

Ruby Jon Apples and D'Anjou Pears are ready!

Updated Gala, Jonagold and Honeycrisp status since we first put this post up on Sept 15th.
Ruby Jon:

I have been waiting for this apple since last year when I discovered they make AMAZING applesauce!
They are part Jonathon so they are great for baking too.
They are a medium to small size mildly tart apple.
Come try them and see what you think!
ruby jon 3
Ruby Jon

ruby jon 1


D'Anjou pears have just been picked too!  Pre-picked only.


$6.00 for smaller bucket
$12 for large 5 gallon bucket
(Please Note:  The pears MUST be chilled in your fridge for 4-6 weeks in order for them to ripen.  If you leave them on your counter, they will eventually just rot without ripening.  The grocery stores have already done this step for you.  Don't want you to be disappointed!)

anjou pears

Other Apple Update: (UPDATED 9-19-14)

Jonagold:   All 9 rows are now open for picking.
Golden Delicious:  LOTS of beautiful ones available.
Honeycrisp:  Not too much left.  If you hunt around, you will find some here and there hiding in the tree.  Plan on them all being gone by the end of today or at least by Saturday.
Gala:  The main 2 rows of Gala have some apples left down at the farthest end but they are getting to be only applesauce quality.  They look beautiful but are getting soft when you bite into them.  Wonderful applesauce.  They are very sweet and wouldn't have to add a drop of sugar. 
Melrose:  We have some ready to pick in the old part of the orchard. Please ask so we can show you!  The main row of Melrose are not sweet enough yet.  Need to wait a bit longer.

Just some fun pictures!
apple customers

silas and kai

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