Sunday, October 6, 2013

Many new varieties open for picking! Plus more good news!

We've gotta share the news!  
Baby Kallan is here!  She arrived October 1st, happy and healthy!  

In other happenings....!  

We are having our first Farm Apple Festival on 
Saturday, October 19th from 10am-2pm!!


   Apple slice samples so you can compare all the varieties ready.
  Fresh homemade applesauce tastings.
  Craft activities for the kids.
  Apple tours, where you can learn about the growing process and ask questions!  Great for both kids and adults.

   And maybe a few more surprises up our sleeve!

   Come join us Rain or Shine.

Ok onto apples news, I know that is why you are here :)

We've got some new apples ready for the pickin!


Best known as a great baking apple.  Beautiful, firm apple that keeps it shape and tangy flavor in baking.  It is also good for cider, salads and eating.


One of the first winter apples to be ready.  And when I call them winter apples, that means they are one of the better ones for storing!  
These are a great eating apple, firm and crispy.  Known as a wonderful dessert apple, used for baking.  Also good for applesause and salads.


Best for eating but also excellent for salads, pies, sauce and baking.  Larger size apple.  Greenish/Red stripes that has the points on the bottom like a Red Delicious.


These are between almost ripe and ripe, depends on who you ask :)  Wait a week and they will be a bit sweeter, but they are very close if you must have them now!
Best loved for eating out of hand, but also great for applesauce and salads.

   Red Delicious:

Best for eating.  These are way better than the grocery store.  There is actually a crunch to them, not just mush!

Still lots of Golden Delcious, Jonagold, Melrose.

Dwindling amount of Gala but still some available.  We have some random Gala trees too so ask about those when you get here.

Honeycrisp- Might find a few if you hunt and peck.

Ruby Jon's are getting picked.  Get them soon if you want some.

Coming Soon: Granny Smith, Gold Rush and Pink Lady.

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