Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gala, Ripe and Ready. Bartlett Pears are gone for the year.

Figured I would entice you with more Gala pictures!

 Check the previous post for what Galas are best used for!

 My helper picking pears.  He sets them in the bucket and says "Gentle."  I think we have imprinted it in his mind.  :)

Bartlett Pears are gone for the year.  We will have more pears later in the season.  I will post when those come ripe.

Gravensteins are few and far between so if you are coming out only for this variety, then it will be a gamble for how many are left.

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Anonymous said...

We got some of your apples on Saturday and they are delicious! We will be making them in to apple sauce and saving some to eat. Yummy! Thank you!

Honky said...
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Matt said...

We were out on Sunday and got 3 buckets of your Gala apples. We've made applesauce out of about 1/3 of them so far, have pie filling and possibly some apple butter to go. We'll be back when more varieties are ready in a few weeks.

Beilke Family Farm said...

Glad you guys are enjoying our apples so much!