Friday, November 16, 2012

Yep, we still have apples!

Just drove around and took the tour.  

Still lots of Granny Smith and Gold Rush!!
Definitely a decent amount of Pink Lady.
And also some Braeburn and Fuji

For the Braeburn, your best bet for finding them is to go to the southwest corner of the orchard by the road.    

(While you are in the Braeburn section, you will see some Red Delicious over there too.  The Red Delicious are a dark red apple with a pointy bottom.  Now I would honestly say that in my opinion, these are the nastiest apples to buy at the grocery store and I avoid them.  But just now trying one of the Red Delicious out in the orchard, WOW!  They are not even the same.  They are crunchy and sweet and not mushy at all.  If you are over picking Braeburn, grab a few to put in your bucket and try them!!

For Fuji and Pink Lady, just walk about halfway down the row and you will find plenty. 

We are still planning on having apples through Thanksgiving.  After that, it will be week by week to see what is left.  Just keep checking the blog, or call if you are wondering if we are still open.

Actual Thanksgiving Day will be low key around here.  It will be self service if you are wanting to pick for some reason.

A few rows are getting muddy and some are just fine, so bring cruddy shoes or boots if you are worried. 

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