Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Honeycrisp are ready!!!

What you all have been waiting for....Honeycrisp are now ready!!!

We thinned hard this spring so all the Honeycrisp are a nice size this year.  You will love them! 
Our newest row of Honeycrisp is extra great.  It has the biggest and most red apples on it.  I'm sure they will be the first to be picked.  They are beautiful!!!

Really all the apples this year are great.  It is a fantastic apple year.  My grandpa did a wonderful job tending to them this year.  He always does, but between him and the weather working together, he did an extra good job. 

As for the rest of the farm, we are still working away on getting our other crops harvested. 

We just finished up blueberries.  We had Salem Harvest come out 2 different days to help clean up two of our fields.  One field they were able to donate over 900# and the other over 300#.  As usual, they did an amazing job of organizing their volunteers and treating our fields with the utmost respect.

Our radish seed, was swathed (cut and laid into rows) over the weekend.  It has to lay to dry out for awhile before we can come through with the combine.  The long bout of dry weather has been great.  Taken stress off by not having to worry about weather issues.

Two of our flower seed fields are being sprayed right now.  It is a strange concept, but after the bloom is mostly gone, you spray over the field with weed killer.  It helps stop the green growth of the plant but doesn't harm the seed heads.  It actually allows us to harvest sooner.  And instead of having to swath it, where we would risk much of the seeds shattering onto the ground when we later come through with the combine, we just come through with our combine with a wheat header.  A wheat header is different because it cuts the crop and picks it up at the same time.  I am not sure if this is making sense.  I don't know about you but I am a visual person.  I hope when we go to harvest the flowers, I will get some pictures for you all.  So stay posted.  There is another way to harvest flowers too but maybe I can get into that another year if we end up trying it!

And the only other crop left to talk about is the corn!  The corn just got topped over the weekend, so it shouldn't be too long until it is harvested.  I haven't actually heard when.

So that is our farm happenings in a nutshell.  Pretty soon it will be time to plan for next year!

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