Friday, July 27, 2012

Gravensteins Ready!

Red Gravenstein will be ready next week!!  
They make GREAT pies, or for anything else you bake!   
We have half of a row available so if they are a must have to you, don't wait too long!  I will post on the blog when they are all gone.

The rest of the apples look great so far but they are not ready yet.

Summer harvest for the rest of our crops is in full swing.  We have had several pickings off our blueberry fields already and are just about done with our grass seed harvest. 

 Corn is growing.  It is a few feet high by now.

 Wheat harvest is coming up real soon!

 Above is Radish for seed.  It still needs to dry out before we can harvest it.

 Putting up a fence along our blueberries so we don't have to worry about plummeting over the edge into the road.

Silas and Erin in the wheat.  It is crazy to think almost this time last year, he was only just being born!
 Keeping it real:  Spending an hour unplugging the combine.  Sometimes if the swather leaves a big pile of grass, then the middle does not dry out  and it doesn't go through the combine well.  And this is what happens!  No fear though, it is all ready to go now!
 One of the earlier posts, I showed how we grafted a different variety of apple on the base of a tree.  Here is the result several months later.  It is growing well!  Next year this tree will hold Honeycrisp.

 The Honeycrisp are still ripening but they are loaded this year!  Below shows a picture of how many apples we pulled off earlier this spring (called Thinning).  We really put some effort into thinning this year so the apples should be bigger than years before!

Watering away!

See you all soon!

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