Saturday, December 3, 2011

Salem Harvest came today!

We had a big harvest today but there are lots of apples left I am told. So we are changing our mind about this Saturday being the last to come pick! We will stay open until the weather turns nasty.

Here is what was going on today:

Since it was nearing the end of the year and the weather is sure to turn to rainy and cold, we had Salem Harvest come out and pick some of our apples. It was a great turnout!
I've included some pictures of the day!

How it works is that each person that signs up with Salem Harvest gets to keep half of what they pick and the other half is donated to the Marion Polk Food Share. I guess they harvest all kinds of crops.

Here is the check in line. Everyone has already signed up ahead of time and only those people are let in the field. Salem Harvests coordinates it all!

So many apples were picked that all the bins were filled by the first round of pickers! There were 2 sessions and they still had the 2nd to go!

Loading up the truck!

Happy picker :)

And a great helper!

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Elise said...

Thank you Beilke Family for having us out on Saturday to pick for Marion Polk County Food Share. I have been picking in your orchard for several years, many times a season and was so happy to donate my time picking for this wonderful cause.
See you next year,