Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Working away....

Sorry for the blog hiatus.  I was having problems with it but with help, it now works!!  Thank you to my brother!

Update on Apples:  Apples are not yet ready but getting closer.  Tried a Gravenstein yesterday and they are still a little too firm and tart.  Those will be the first to be ready so I am thinking another week or two.  I will post when they are ready.  The next apples after that will be Honeycrisp and Gala.

I will be doing a better job updating the blog, especially since it is apple season.  Although I am due to have a baby Sept 2nd so I'll have to con it off onto someone else for awhile :)  My hope is that we will be updating every Thursday or Friday so you will know what is going on before the weekend.  If apples come ready during the week, we will also update then.

Other than that, we are more than halfway finished with blueberry harvest.  Our beans are getting picked today and we finished wheat and grass seed harvest last week.  We still have some vegetable and flower seed fields to harvest later in the season, and also corn.
So we are keeping busy but not out of control :)

Young blueberry field.


Mama May said...

Congratulations on your baby!! :) I am also due with a baby on September 9th!

Anonymous said...

I don't see a phone number. I am interested in gravenstein apples. When will they be ready and how much per pound? Also are you on facebook? That might be easier for me to keep track of your crops that way :-)

Beilke Family Farm said...

Our phone number is all the way at the bottom of the blog. 503-393-1077.
It is sometimes hard getting ahold of us unless someone is in the office but just keep trying.

We actually aren't on Facebook but that is a great idea. We'll have to talk about it!