Friday, February 5, 2010

Apple Tree Pruning

BEFORE (above)

AFTER (above)

We are in the middle of pruning the apples trees right now.

First we prune the sides, then we go back and prune all the shoots going straight up from the top. We like to keep the trees nice and short so we don't have to use ladders for picking.

After the pruning is done, we rake all the sticks into the middle of the row. Then we take the flail mower and mow up the sticks, going over them a couple times.

It takes 4 people about 3 1/2 weeks to get it all done.

BEFORE (above)

AFTER (above)

You can see all the branches on the ground that were cut off. That is what needs to be raked into the grass row.
Side by side shot...

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Annie Morrison said...

Do you sell trees for planting? I have heard that apple species can be grafted together to make one tree of many varieties. Is this possible without compromising them? I am very interested in finding a grower that will start one for me with 4-5 different apples. Can you do that? I have never succeeded grafting anything!